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I first traveled to Bordeaux in the fall of 2011 and immediately fell in love with the city.  Everything from its lush green vineyards, to its newly cleaned ivory buildings, to its colorful flower lined paths along the Garonne River drew me in.  French people often refer to Bordeaux as "la belle endormie" or the Sleeping Beauty of France because although it's a stunningly beautiful city it often gets overlooked for bigger, more vibrant cities like Paris, Marseilles, and Lyon.  Every day I fall more and more in love with my new city and it is my sincere hope that someday you, too, will get the chance to fall under Bordeaux's charm.  Below I have shared some of my favorite spots in Bordeaux, so whether it's a short weekend trip or a week long adventure I hope these sites inspire you the way they have inspired me!

Reasons to Visit Bordeaux:

Top Ten Places to See in Bordeaux:

  1. Place de la Comedie (Grand Theatre and Grand Hotel de Bordeaux)
  2. Place de la Bourse and Le Miroir d'eau
  3. Cathedrale Saint Andre and Tour Pey Berland
  4. Rue Sainte Catherine
  5. Le Quai and La Garonne
  6. Marche des Capucins
  7. Vieille Bordeaux
  8. Place Quinconces
  9. Basilique Saint Michel
  10. Jardin Publique 

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