Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 Useful Travel Hacks from Wanderlusters

This is a guest post from Currency UK, a team of great individuals ready to help expats and travelers with foreign exchange and overseas payments.  A special thank you to Alex for all the work he did to make this post possible.  Enjoy! 

Travelling is an amazing experience. But let’s be honest, it can also be stressful. No one likes to be battling their suitcase to get the lid to close, but it always seems to end up that way!
Check out these five travel hacks that every Wonderluster needs to know. From saving luggage space, handy budgeting tips and exploring the best areas of a country, these tips will help make your travels stress-free.

1. Roll your clothes instead of folding them

Folding your clothes actually takes up more space than you think. But most items of clothing can be rolled up and made much smaller. T-shirts, vest tops, and even shorts and trousers can take up half the space they normally would, simply by rolling instead of folding.
Also, don’t be afraid of the more unusual storage spaces. Shoes, for example, have to take up space in your luggage, but you can avoid over stuffing by storing socks and underwear, or even a phone charger, inside your shoes. It may look strange, but you’ll be thankful when you can safely zip your bag up!

2. Take your tablet with you

Tablets were designed to be travel light and practical, which makes them excellent for travelling.
Books – Nearly all tablets will be compatible with various E-reader apps. Connect to your online account or download books to the tablet. Whether you want to read on screen or listen to an audio book, you tablet can store more books than the biggest suitcase.
Travel apps – There are loads of great travel apps available for Wonderlusters to download. Knowing currency rates, useful phrases, and the nearest subway station has never been so easy.
Communication – Every traveller needs to touch base with home once in a while. Download Skype, Facetime, or simply keep updated with friends and family via email or social media. All you need is internet access and you’re away.

3. Pack a couple of rechargeable power packs

You will probably want to use your phone a lot on your travels for tacking pictures and videos, or for staying in touch with people back home. But sometimes, all the power sockets will be taken up by other travellers, so be sure to pack one or two rechargeable power packs for battery emergencies.
Most phone shops and online outlets sell a variety of power packs. Where possible, buy from an established brand. They’re more expensive but you’ll be sure that they’ll work properly. Remember to always check that the one you’re buying is compatible with your model of phone!

4. Eat and drink like a local

By all means, invest in a good travel guide while you’re on holiday. But bear in mind that travel guides work as an introduction to a country. To really get under the skin of a country, find the places where the locals go to eat and hang out.
Ask at your hotel about where is good to go; you might even get a good deal if you can tell them at the bar that you came there on a recommendation. Not only will eating in local areas help our language skills, you can get a true taste of authentic food. It’s also likely to be cheaper than tourist restaurants.  

5. Live there

Think about it; do you have a country that you keep going back to time and again? Holidaying in exotic locations in particular, such as India or Greece, can be expensive because of flight costs. Even if you can catch a bargain flight, there’s still the additional costs to consider: baggage check-in, travel to and from both airports etc. all contribute to making holidays very expensive.
In most cases, living abroad can be cheaper than the cost of living at home. In exchange, you get to really experience the incredible locations and unique cuisine that have driven you to visit that country so many times. You can also learn another language which is a big bonus for your CV, but also for becoming part of a new culture.


Wherever you go in the world – sunny beaches or snowy mountains – you can’t go wrong with these vital travel hacks. Remember to always roll your clothes, don’t forget that power pack, and even consider the benefits of actually moving to your favourite destination. With this knowledge under your belt, you’re well on your way to becoming a seasoned traveller!

Written by Currency UK – follow them on Twitter @CurrencyUKLtd


  1. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them really does make a difference!!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment. I definitely agree, rolling clothes makes a huge difference. This is something I do now all the time and wish I had known about in my earlier travel days! :)

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  4. A special thank you to Alex for all the work he did to make this post possible. Enjoy!

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